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Seriously … you can earn money blogging !!!

But where do you start? How do you build a blog? How do you design it? What do you write about? How much is it? Is it hard? These were all the questions I had when I started reading about this blog hassle. What is the big deal? Well, the BIG DEAL with blogging is: “You can earn money blogging” and you can do it all over the world. Even a warm and sunny island (provided you have an internet connection). earn money blogging

Keep reading until the end because I show you something cool!

Before I could earn money anywhere in the world, I worked 12 hours a day as an interim manager, which I did achieve, but did not get any satisfaction. I did everything as it was, but did not feel like I was doing a lot. The dream of freedom to go and stand where I wanted … the Spanish sun, skiing in winter or mountain biking over the most beautiful trials, continued.

I was already working on Network Marketing. But just to earn some extra. So I was looking online for methods to earn money from home. Sufficient to live full-time. Blogging was a very good way to earn money online – research continued …

Now I’m going to share the path I shared with you. I explain the core concepts you need to earn money with blogging. More importantly, I’m going to give you a great shortcut. You can use them if you want to learn more – that is definitely recommended!

Earn money blogging – Where do you start?

One word “WORDPRESS”! This is by far the best blog platform. No HTML code needed to design a blog you like. There are many user-friendly apps that can be installed with a click, to show your blog and function you desire.

About what can you blog?

My suggestion, based on a certain experience, is to choose a niche market where people want to spend money. My niche is “marketing automation” and “earning money in freedom”. Business people are interested, enthusiastic and self motivated. They want a better lifestyle.

How much costs blogging and is it difficult?

Blogging can cost very little. Therefore, many people like blogging as a form to earn online money. These are the costs to have blog (when I wrote this) … … keep in mind that you can start it yourself during a free afternoon:

  • WordPress account = Free Blog Platform
  • A hosting account like BlueHost to host your blog = about $ 7.99 / mo (regularly there are offers)
  • A Webform and Email Autoresponder like GetResponse = $ 15 / mo

Blog challenges

If this is something you’ve never done before and you’re absolutely brand new in blogging, then some things can be time consuming and a bit frustrating. It took me about 3 months to figure this out, and another month to decide how to score on Google for my blog articles. For example, my site can be found, and my listings can be sold.

That used to be ……… but I said I would share a short cut with you!

Make money with blogging? From the FREE Guide below, I learned a lot.
Grab your chance and ask him now.

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