3 Simple Ways to Inspire Employee Motivation


Inspire Employee Motivation

A study from Gallup says that 89% of employers believe that workers leave their company for more money. However only 12% of people actually do leave for that reason.
One thing illustrates this: When it comes to workplace satisfaction, there is a major disconnect between employees and their employers.
So, why do people really leave? Often a lack of intrinsic motivation. But how do we inspire employee motivation?

While businesses currently encourage their employees to chase money, a promotion, or a prize, there isn’t enough being done to foster a true sense of pride and satisfaction. These extrinsic business operations may be hurting more than they’re helping.

Check out this infographic from Officevibe for tips on how to reduce turnover by inspiring more genuine employee motivation.


inspire employee motivationThis infographic was crafted with love by Officevibe, the employee survey software that shows you how to motivate employees so that they’re more productive.

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