invest in you


How Much Are You Investing in YOU?

invest in you

What is your investment for learning to become a Network Marketing professional?
How much do you want to spend in order to develop your skills?

In the public school system, it cost an average of 5.000 euro per year to send a child to school for 13 years. That is about 65.000 euro for each student to go to public school. And then add on top of that the cost of university with tuition and student loans. How much did you spend or was spent on you to go to school? All of that money was spent on an educational model that is completely broken. You are taught to become a cog in the machine of a corporation.

Network Marketing is a different model.

In this profession, you learn some basic skills and then have freedom in your career. But that doesn’t mean you stop learning. The average person will get their education, enter the world, and then stop learning for the rest of their life. But the extraordinary person continues to learn throughout their life. Even I still learn new skills every year. I spent a minimum of 5.000 euro in a year on books, programs, seminars, and more to keep working on my skills.

Invest in YOU

What do you want to spend on yourself?

If you want to make a million euros a year in Network Marketing, what is the appropriate amount to invest in learning to get that in return? If you want to make 100.000 euros a year, what is the appropriate amount to invest?

Skills don’t just soak into you. You have to learn skills. You have to study, practice, and develop yourself in order to be successful. So, what do you want to do when it comes to your budget on learning? In order to succeed, you need to spend more on your learning than on Starbucks. Spend more on your learning than going to the movies. More than on the cable bill. Even more than on your cell phone. Spend more on the development of YOU, not just fitting into the rest of the machine.

Keep learning skills and invest in yourself because it’s the best investment in the world.

source – NetworkMarketingPro

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