Recognize opportunity – the first step in business


The first step in business, is to recognize opportunity.

For over 15 years I’m a business coach. One of the things I’ve learned, is that most people want a change in their lives. However, at the end, everything stays the same. Why?  They don’t recognize opportunity.

It doesn’t come as a clear plan to earn lots of money. Mostly, an opportunity comes as a possibility to earn some money. A vision that opens the door to a future of passion. It comes with lots of unanswered questions, and if you want to solve these first, the opportunity is gone. You  have to learn to step on the train when it is in the station, not when it has left. Or you will have to run like crazy.

As an entrepreneur, you have to innovate. And let me be clear, everyone is an entrepreneur at this time, even if you work as an employee. You need to find answers to those questions, but not alone and not immediately. You have to ask for help sometimes. The answers will come, sooner or later. But jump on that train now! At least, if you have the feeling that this is the chance you were looking for.

Do you have questions?
I’d be glad to answer them

How can you find that ideal opportunity for you?

Go out, and look what is missing. Explore to see what can be optimized to existing concepts.

Ask people on the road what they are looking for, what they feel as a missing. Or ask for expectations in extra service.

It is easier to recognize opportunity when you know your environment.

How will questions be answered?

As I mentioned, you still will have questions. But they don’t have to be answered all before you start.
The answers will come by building your experience. People will help to find the results.
Don’t try to be perfect before you start. Customers even have sympathy for imperfection, as long as you have the good attitude.

Look for that possibility to change your life, recognize opportunity. Jump on that train, and enjoy the trip.

Do you have questions?
I’d be glad to answer them

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