Get to workout and stay on track


Get to workout and stay on track

Are you ready for a healthy active lifestyle?
Get 6 workout tips to get started and to stay on track

I know – many want to start, with better weather, and vacations around the corner. But many already abandon their healthy eating and exercise plan, even before they get start.
That’s why I want to share some motivational tips today, to get started and to stay on track. And don’t mind about the season, your body is worth the attention all year round, and not only for a special event.
Don’t make the mistake to say “I’ll start tomorrow”, try to understand that today is the perfect day to start!

stay on track


Today is the best time to get started!
Do you want a change? Take small daily steps. If you add them up, you’ll see a huge difference in some time. Keep a diary of the steps you’ve implemented.

I will РI can
Change your vocabulary by positively charged words. Believe you can do things! That positive approach will lead to positive results. Please stop saying “I can’t”, because that will lead to “I didn’t”!

You’re fine as you are
You don’t need to change. You just have to take care of yourself. I just want to say “Don’t be negative about yourself”.
Being negative can affect our energy levels negatively. Use affirmations to make it easier to keep motivation.
Find something to help keep you motivated in the long term. Only a long term change will keep your body evolving in the good way.
Once you stop eating well and exercising, you will go back to your starting point or even worse.


What about an active hobby?
Find yourself a hobby that’s active – trekking, biking, running, … – have something to strive to. It’s easier to stay motivated and accountable to your long-term goals, when you’re part of a group.

Ask your family and friends to be part of it.
Let them participate to your active lifestyle plan. Gat all committed to eating well and be active. Except from the fun times, it will create strong bonds.
And when you want to leave, you’ve a large change that someone convinces you to continue.

Plan incentives
A reward plan is wonderful to stay focused. It can be anything – a new outfit when you reached a goal, a day trip, … – just pick something that gets you excited, and that you can afford.
The reward will inspire you to get on when it gets tough.

Look for motivational tricks that inspires you. That will be different for everyone.
Understand that external changes take time. Maybe it’s better to focus on “how I feel” than on “how I look” to stay positive. The change in feeling will come earlier than the change in look.
The only step to fail is, quitting. So, do everything to stay on track and to feel great!

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