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As we started over 15 years ago, and we’ve seen some changes in work methods.
Now we attract our audience online. And you can do it to.

Building a business goes together with generating leads, attract your audience. That can be done in different ways, like chasing your warm market. But if you do so, you’ll see it’s not really effective to become successful.

You’ll have to think about different methods.

Don’t waste your time with only telling your friends and family about your business. For sure they have to know, but it’s not probable that you’ll be very successful.
That can always be done when they ask what you do.
Show them you lifestyle, without overacting. No big villas you can’t afford, no fancy cars which are to expensive. But your freedom. Like the opportunity to go to the beach in the middle of the week, when the weather is fine.
We started to generate leads with online methods. With a computer, internet and some patience. And that’s not so difficult. Everybody can reach FaceBook, Twitter or whatever social media platform you want to use.

Instead of running after the prospects they start asking us for our products and service now.

Let’s say we attract the ones who are really interested. And the nicest part, it’s a system that can be teached to others. With the use of blogs, writing articles and informative social media pages, people can connect with us.
As we’re working together with one of the best partners in the world, with fantastic products, a huge earning potential and the ability to  expand together, it’s very easy to share ideas and news. We can deliver the right products, and a very good opportunity with great potentials. We have a system that can be teached to everybody who wants to learn, is ready to work and has the time to build their own company.

attract your audience –Ready to Go? – It’s your Live

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Bert July 6, 2017 Marketing