Become a Good Observer


“Become a good observer”
– by Jim Rohn

From time to time someone gives another individual the ultimate compliment by saying, “You are a class act”. Or by describing a specific behavior by saying, “That’s class”. From time to time a master of ceremonies will introduce an individual by saying, “If you go to the dictionary and look up the word ‘class,’ you will see a picture of your speaker this evening.” good observer

A person with class is an individual of integrity.

Someone you would love to have as a parent or child, a friend or a neighbor, a mentor or an advisor. In short, class identifies a person who is “top drawer”. One who goes the extra mile by being gracious to everyone who courteously serves them.

I love the description given in comments made by Bill Daniels who said that “class is something you choose for yourself. It’s competing honestly, confronting problems head-on, taking accolades with grace and humility and not knocking your competitors. If you have class you’re loyal to both yourself and to those around you. Class is born out of self-respect and a healthy respect for others. Everything in this world is not always attainable. Fortunately, class is.”become a good observer

Class is the coach who gives every child on the team his turn “at bat” without regard to the youngster’s ability or the won-lost record of the team.

I encourage you to identify someone who is a class act and use that person as a role model. The individual might not be rich and famous or even brilliant, but a person of class is one we can all aspire to be. Take the class approach, become a good observer, and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

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Become a good observer

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