How to regain body confidence


How to regain body confidence – meet Betty, our real reader

body confidenceDo you want to get in shape?  Do you struggle to make healthy choices every day? You’re not alone! Meet Betty, our real reader and follow her story to see why she wants to take charge of her diet and look her best. body confidence

“I’m Betty and I want to lose weight. I know a lot of people are in the same boat.  – I’ve’ve let my weight creep up over the years and now I want to take back control!” 
Betty is right. So many people are looking to regain control of their bodies. But they just don’t know how to take that first step.

“Sometimes I look in the mirror and don’t recognize the person I’ve become. I have no body confidence.”

Betty is definitely among a growing number of people who have seen their body change over time. However they have procrastinated until they feel the journey to back to a point of body confidence is too difficult.

After we heard Betty’s story we decided we had to help. And we’re delighted that Betty offers to let everyone follow her progress. One of the reasons we picked Betty for our diet, fitness, and beauty makeover is that Betty has an incentive. She’s will marry in six weeks!

Congratulations, Betty and Steve! We’re happy you found each other. And we’re excited that you want to start married life with a positive outlook while pursuing a healthy, active life.

“I couldn’t be happier to be getting married. But first I want to develop some good nutrition and fitness habits. So I can start my new life on the right track.”

Betty and her fiancé, Steve, both got trapped in an unhealthy eating cycle and don’t prioritize daily exercise. Add to the mix that Betty and Steve have an energetic toddler. They are both too tired at the end of each day to spend time preparing a healthy, balanced meal. Online ordering from their favorite restaurants or picking up a ready meal is all too often the easiest option. They are also big fans of comfort food. Betty can cook. She likes to make up a big pot of chilli or something warm that will help their family stay cozy against the cold winter they’re currently experiencing.

With only six weeks to help Betty start feeling happier with her body and fitness level. This week, we’ll be sharing their initial thoughts and immediate action plan to help her regain her body confidence.

Betty’s starting point:
Weight – 124.6kgs
Height – 185cm

You may have noticed that we aren’t using actual photos of Betty. Right now, she’s lacking in body confidence and doesn’t want to share any pictures. One of the reasons that we chose Betty for this makeover is that she’s so much like many other people we hear from every day. From her eating and exercise routines to her lack of body confidence. Betty is in a position that most people can understand. Be sure to check back for news on Betty’s progress. Thanks for reading!

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