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Build organisation
on trust, not just by recruiting

build organisation – Most network marketers say it’s hard to add 2 to 3 people a week. However that’s possible. When I started in 2002 with network marketing, I did parties, handed out flyers build organisationand posted CD-ROMs. We were asked to make a list of family and friends. That was nice to work locally, but it’s very time consuming without huge result.

To build a full time income with your network marketing company, you have to stop chasing, you have to start building trust. The result is, that people want to copy you and ask you to participate. It’s all about building trust. To do the ‘old’ way, you will not find enough hours in a day.

To build your network marketing business successfully, you’ll have to do it by teaching them to love your products or services, whatever you want to earn, an extra 200$ a month or 1000$ a day.

By building a relationship with your audience, you’ll find hundreds or thousands of prospects, who are reaching you, who are ready to buy your product.

Whatever tool you use, a website, an article or direct mail you have to build trust, build a relation with you prospect. And the best way is by your products. If your prospects love them, it will be easier for you. That’s how organisations are build, that’s how people become successful and come on stage. This is how you can do this, by letting people know that you’re in good hands with you, because you can help them to get what they want.

Stop chasing people in hotel meetings, hoping your prospects show up. Start building a relationship with your prospects, and help them to get there they want to be.

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Bert May 5, 2018 Business