Can you measure success?


Can you measure success?
Quality of live, and success, are very often measured by the amount of money earned, in our modern society.
You drive a nice car! You live in a ‘good’ neighborhood. What a wonderful yacht you own!

can you measure success
However, if you go to some ‘poor’ countries, where people often earn less than 500$ a month, you hardly see beggars. You see nice landscapes, white mountains, there’s no hurry and there’s a strong sense of community.

What makes us most unhappy? The more we think we need, the unhappier we will be. Do we really need that latest plasma, a ‘smart’ TV? Will that make us happier than the extra time we can spend with our family, than that donation we can give? That’s how you should measure your success.

From now on, try to count your blessings, instead of your possessions. Don’t spend more money on things you lack, spend more time on things and people you love.

So, this week, count your blessings instead of your possessions. Spend more time with those you love, instead of spending more money on things you lack.


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Bert May 9, 2018 Personal Development