Do you know your fear factor?


 Your fear factor is important for your actions!

The word ‘fear’ is related to screaming , skydiving, doing something you are not used too or one of the biggest fears—public speaking. But fear can also be hidden and it is that one who is responsible if you choose to stay in the same situation or to take action for changing. fear factor

This fear will help us to  moving forward, making the right decision or even helping ourselves.

Fear shows up every day in our lives, even when you do not see it immediately.  It shows up at your work, in your career, even in your daily live.

Different fear factors can show up, such as :
  • fear factorNot speaking up with an idea because you might look stupid
  • Never asking for advice or help because you it will look like you don’t have the answers
  • Staying at the same company too long because the uncertainty is worse
  • Not wanting to call attention to yourself because it’s safer to blend in
  • Avoiding a recommendation that you know your boss won’t agree with
  • Avoiding something new because you don’t understand it
Fear does funny and strange things to us. It draws a great big line between our beliefs of what is right, important or needed and what we actually do.

Ask yourself : ‘What would you do if you are not afraid?’ It’s amazing but a lot of the people will tell or wish something totally different than they do today. They dream about big things. If you ask them why they do not work for it the answer will be nearly always: ‘that is not possible for me’ This fear factor is an obstacle to go after your dreams.    Some of the fear factors are real and some just keep us right where we are.

We all have our fears. Obviously some fears are so significant that they require the help of an expert, but many of our fears have built up over time and hold us back from what is possible. I am working on mine, too, and know that it is essential to recognize our ‘go to’ fears so we can manage through them, not avoid them or pretend they don’t exist.

If you ask  people to fill in the missing word in never ________enough. You suddenly receive following possibilities:

  • good enough
  • perfect enough
  • powerful enough
  • successful enough
  • smart enough
  • certain enough
  • safe enough
  • extraordinary enough

Think about your answer.  What is your answer and then you will find out what is your fear factor that blocks your to go after your dreams or to start any change int your life or career.

Here you find some e.g. as fear factors:
  • I can be wrong ~ and not look smart enough.
  • I might lose my position ~ and lose my security.
  • I’ll be rejected ~ and not look powerful enough.
  • I might let others see that it didn’t work ~ and not be successful enough.
  • I might not look as good as the other leaders/speakers/participants/writers/business owners ~ and not be good enough.

The first step is being honest to yourself about your fears. Learn to know them and accept them. Determine if your fear is based on facts in your situation or just hardwired in how you think. There is a difference.

If you miss opportunities and play it safe because your deepest fear is tied to security, then look at that a little closer. Is that a real fear based on facts and likely events? Or is it a fear that you always carry with you? I spoke to a leader recently who admitted this fear was keeping her from moving to a new dream job, yet she has been successful her entire career, is well respected, well connected and has a wonderful résumé. There is a chance that a well-founded fear she had at 15 is still alive and well at 45, even though the facts may say otherwise.

If you have a favorite ‘go to’ fear regardless of the situation or the facts, then the first step is recognizing it and watching for it. This is the first step in starting the change and maybe even stepping out and starting something new you never thought you could do.

So if you recognize your fear factor, you can start working on yourselves and the situation and go for any change.


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Bert June 23, 2017 Personal Development