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Fitness trends are as old at fitness itself.
How do you find the right fitness trend for you ?

Trends occur in many walks of life, from fashion to fitness. There is often a new trend popping up and becoming the in thing! I’m here to explain why some fitness trends rise then fall from favor. And how you can benefit from useful trends?

How to shop fitness trends ?

fitness trendsChoose a trend that’s based on traditional fitness activity.

A lot of forms of fitness activity stood the test of time, like dance, weight training, … Look for one that you like most, and search a sportschool in your neighbor that supports it

Avoid extremes, or anything that promises instant result.

The best course is always a steady one. Extreme fitness even tends to cause more harm than good. It’s hard to carry on, at last you don’t get the result you wanted. And, the risk for injuries is much larger.

Choose something that matches your fitness goals.

Don’t choose weight lifting when you want to run a marathon, or don’t join a dance class when you want to build muscle. Set a goal first, then look for a proper activity. If you don’t know what’s good for you, ask a personal trainer for advice.

Simple is sometimes best.

Fitness based on natural movement patterns and proven science, is a great starting point, regardless of your age or current fitness level.  While functional fitness may sound basic, it’s often overlooked by people at all fitness levels.

Choose your fitness trend to fit your budget.

It’s not because the trend costs a lot, it gives good results. Often the best fitness programs are even for free. You better pay for a good support.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

If you start from scratch, don’t choose fitness trends that ask for a (financial) commitment for 12 months or a lot of expensive tools. First give it a try. Pay per month or per lesson, and don’t buy expensive stuff.

Choose the best fitness program suitable for you, without paying to much. If you think a trend is something for you, try it.

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