Follow-Up tips


What’s your purpose as a network marketer?
You’ll need to follow-up

Your main goal is to help as many people as possible with the products or service, and to sponsor all people who want it.
What lead generating method you use, how big your email list is, you should follow-up your prospects to get closer to your goals.
I understand that most of you hate follow-up, that it sounds like a dog chasing his own tail, without even tackle it. However it’s not that bad, when you know what to do.
Let’s look at some strategies that will help.

Share useful information – give valuable information every time a potential customer or business partner e-mails you. Position yourself as someone who can solve their problems, as someone who can help achieve their dreams. Become an expert by learning about your products or services, and share your knowledge to help, give good tips. Let them see the helpfull expert.

Answer the questions of your prospect – by asking a question, your prospect shows you interest. Answer to their questions, be honest and realistic. If you don’t immediately know the answer, see it as an opportunity to learn. You can always do some research before you answer.

Share your success (or that of the people in your downline) – stories always wins over facts. Tell them your MLM experiences, or that of one of your team members, instead of overloading your prospects with facts about the products or the business opportunity. Don’t convince your prospects, inspire them.

Save the testimonials of your customers – you’ll need them to sell your products. People get inspired from other’s story.

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Bert May 10, 2018 Business