Frozen Yogurt: Healthy or Not?


Find out why frozen yogurt may not be your healthiest snack.

frozen yogurt

Let’s break down what you could find in 16oz (450 grams) of it.
Frozen Yogurt– Unless it’s sugar free, a 16 oz serving (450 grams) has 75 grams of sugar, that’s about 19 teaspoons!
– 3/4 of the calories in a serving comes from sugar
– A lot less protein, a lot more sugar, and fewer beneficial bacteria than regular yogurt

Fill a bowl with frozen yogurt and you might as well be eating 3 large chocolate covered peppermint patties!

It sounds like a healthy snack option but when you break it down you may realize it’s not as low calorie as you think. And, while there are a multitude of fruity flavors, many options lack nutrients.

You can learn more about healthy nutrition by checking out Susan Bowerman’s playlist

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