7 things to do to increase my income


“Increase my income” is what many want if I ask them.

increase my incomeOK, most understand that friends and family, health and experience things are more important. But, want it or not, money makes it all much easier. Let’s face it, you get stress when you can’t pay the bills. So let’s see how you can increase your income.increase my income

I started with making a plan,

as it’s key to most improvements. I recommend to set up a “increase my income” plan. It will keep you on track, even on days it’s hard to see any movement.
Make it every week, before you start to work. What tasks do you have to accomplish to get to your goal. Break it down to daily tasks.
Before you stop each day, you reflect your results and look at the coming day. It might be that you’ve to change little things.

You can prioritize your actions,

when you’re looking to your action plan regularly. Focus your energy on the tasks that pay off and look for better working methods for the other tasks.
After all, only 20% of your work will give you 80% of the result. Do these 20% first to built the result, and focus on the other projects and idea making for the remaining time.

Not everything you’ll do will give the expected results.

If it’s not paying off, don’t be afraid to step back and rethink. Maybe you’ve to try something totally new.
Even if you’ve already given a lot of energy to a project, that’s not paying off, it can be better to put it aside and start all over again with something completely different.
Stay open minded to new ideas, instead of being committed to projects that don’t pay off.

Don’t do too many projects at once.

Learn to say “no” when you’re getting out of time. Always ask yourself if the investment of time a new project requires is likely to pay off in a way that you feel is appropriate. If not, just don’t start with it.

Surround yourself with successful people,

in places where you find these persons, you’ll attract more opportunities.
You have to take care of who’s going to be your friend and what events you attend.

Always look out for the next opportunity you cross.

Success is partly recognizing it before anyone else does. Keep engaging with the world in creative ways.
You don’t to agree with everything or everybody, but you need to expose yourself to these conflicting situations. That will keep you alert to other views and possibilities.

Focus yourself on income sources you can reproduce.

Once you’ve found a way to make money, do the same over and over again.
Make tasks as copyable as possible and teach others to do the same, to build their financial success. Many ask “increase my income”, and by teaching them, you’ll expand your income too.

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