Is Your Life Working?


Success depends on facing facts. Is your life working?

life working

It depends on realizing what is making you achieve and realizing what is stifling your success
—knowing the situations that you get happy about and knowing the situations that you feel miserable in.

is your life workingSometimes recognizing the things that aren’t working in your life can be painful. You might try to rationalize them, make excuses for them, or hide them. But truly, these things will keep you from the life you want to be living.

Do you want to be active and strong?

Then you have to stop making excuses about your weight and lack of exercise. Do you want to be in a loving relationship based on friendship and respect? Then you have to stop rationalizing why your mate is so unsupportive. These things can be painful to look at because the truth is that you have to do something about them in order to make it work in your life. You will have to say no to the second helping of dinner and the dessert to follow and go through the awkward stage of getting into shape. You will have to confront your mate about the areas that need work.

Plain and simple, you will have to do something uncomfortable.

But successful people do not waste time in denial. They face situations head on. They look for the warning signs, they find out why things aren’t working, and they go about fixing them. You, too, must be willing to recognize bad situations and decide what the appropriate action will be to remedy it. You will have to deal with circumstances that are uncomfortable and challenging in order to achieve your goals.

To make it easier, however, learn to seek these situations out.

Keep your awareness on the feedback you are getting from life and decide to address the situations immediately. Commit to finding out why things aren’t working and learn what will fix them. Once you start the process it will be much easier to continue. Once you tackle one thing in your life that isn’t working, you will gain confidence to tackle some of the harder situations. But you must decide to take action.

Trust that making changes to the situation will ultimately bring about the best results.

Sure you might go through a bit of discomfort during the change, but in the end you will triumph! Trust that you will not make matters worse by owning up to what is not working in your life and going about fixing them. If you confront a partner about what you want, you will either get what you want or you will know that you need to leave to get what you want. But you will not get what you want if you do not change your situation!

So are you ready to admit all the things that just are not working out?

Relationships, a job you thought would be wonderful, your finances, your diet? Make a list of the things in your life that are working against your success and ask how the situation can be improved. Commit to tackling just one of those issues and be brave. By facing what is not working, you only improve your life! — Is your life working?

source  Jack Canfield

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Bert April 20, 2018 Personal Development