Lead your team by improving yourself


Lead your team while you improve yourself.

lead your team
Leading without improving is not possible. Just because people only do what they see their leaders do. That’s a fact in every organisation.
A keynote  of true leadership is, leading by example. Duplication is a key to all success.

The first step will be education and training. To do that, you’ll have to become a good teacher and trainer.
If the trainee doesn’t get the expected result, take him aside. If he or she has the willing to work hard, it’s time to see what goes wrong, what actions they do.
To sell they have to take actions. And yes, everybody has to sell something, even in administration. To understand the result, you have to know how to sell, and you have to understand the statistics.
As soon as you know what went wrong, find out where they learned it. Control the source, look where the mistake comes from and correct them. If the source was correct, investigate where the misunderstanding comes from.

Keep things simple and do-able. Don’t make things to complicated. Everybody should be able to do it, anybody should be able to teach it. In other words, make it duplicatable.
When you make actions simple, teachable and duplicatable, they will make you, and your team more efficient, more enjoyable and more magical. That’s the way you lead your team.

What steps can you take?

lead your team

Build a model for you, that works.
Record the actions you had to take, to get a successful result. Train yourself until you got it right.
Try the pattern with another person, and see if he or she gets the same result. Do it over and over, master yourself.
When you know it works, tell it to others, and ask them to do the same.
Investigate their result. Look if they understand the details.
If they get the same, or even better results, you have duplicated your pattern. It’s time time go on with the next.

Continue to perfect your method. Keep in place what works, and find more patterns that are workable.
Keep learning by your mistakes, and those of your team members. Lead your team by example, by correcting yourself and others gently.
By observation, patience and guidance you, and your team, will get better. But you’ll have to accept the mistakes of others.
Maybe it won’t be easy. But sharing success is the most beautiful you can get in your career.

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