Leadership words – Never use these words (again)


Leaders don’t use some words, just because they’re self damaging. They often use other words, let’s say leadership words.

Don’t use words that reflect our self esteem negatively. Even not in your head. Because even then our attitude can go down. Watch out, and use your language carefully. Use leadership words instead.

It’s very important that you do what’s right at the moment. The things that are leading to the expected results. You never ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t do something, you only ‘want’ to do an action. If you tell someone he or she shouldn’t do this or that, you get better results when you say ‘do you want to do’, which gives a better feeling and, believe me, most of the time they ‘want to’. The same goes with ‘have to’. As a human being we only have to breath, everything else we what we ‘want to’.

Let’s be clear, everything is possible. Certainly if someone already did or achieved it. Even if it’s not done, it’s still possible. Only, you have no example, and you’ll have to find a way. I’d almost say, the word ‘impossible’ doesn’t exist.
Don’t let another steal your dreams by the things called impossible. There are Rolls Royces on the road, the Everest is climbed already, airplanes do really fly, … and all because someone believed it is possible.

Be careful with ‘I can not’ or ‘you can not’. Oh yes you can, but maybe not at the moment. There will be some action to do. So say ‘I believe’, ‘I will’ or ‘you will’.
Be ready to take the action, necessary to fulfill your dream. Use the good leadership words, and we will celebrate the results together. It’s all about our attitude, and you feed it with the words you use.

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Bert January 16, 2018 Personal Development