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Don’t learn from a book how to become a leader

learn from a book
learn from a bookOften brand new managers try to read a solution when a problem occurs. I’ve learned that it’s not always possible. And if I could, it took me a lot of expensive time.
Most of the time it’s better to ask an expert. That would have cost me less money and frustration.
That’s only one leadership mistake I made. But there are more.

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I only worked in small groups of 5 to 10 people for a long time.

But then the group expanded to over 350 today. And what I understand now. I should have started my leadership development earlier.
I waited until the expansion started, and that’s far too late. At a certain point communication was difficult with all different personalities, with different interests and goals.

I was too much a manager, who tried to organize everything only my way.

I should have been more a coach who gives the team members more responsibility, but also has more trust in them.

Another thing is, you can’t know everything, and it’s not stupid to ask for help. I learned that people are helpful, if you ask. I was living on an island, afraid to ask for a second opinion. Both because I thought it was expensive, and I felt unprofessional.
If I had asked earlier, I shouldn’t have lost so many time, thinking to learn from a book. I should have learned from the experts, who could have explained it maybe in half an hour.

I tried to learn it all by myself. learn from a book

With the result I had to do it all by myself. I forgot to hand tasks over.
Because I didn’t trust others, I didn’t teach them. I experienced that show how to do, let them try and correct the mistakes and finally let them do. That gives you more time to start other projects.

When your team grows, communication becomes an issue. More people will come for help. They are looking for your experience.
I’ve learned that the best way to give them confidence, is asking questions. Mostly they already know the answer, but they are to unsure.
Let them find the result, with guidance of your questions.

With this working method you create an independent team that has confidence, and that can teach a new team. It gives you time for new expansion. But believe me, I didn’t learn from a book.

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We’re happy to answer where we can.

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