Learn from your mistakes


Everyone makes them. We’re human, isn’t it? You only have to learn from your mistakes to get better.

learn-from-your-mistakesYour ego isn’t worth a thing.

Don’t keep stuck at your thoughts if they’re not working out. Maybe you don’t have to change a lot, to get things going better. Only, you have to put your ego aside, and look for, or ask for, solutions.
If you wait to long, it can be to late. And by the way, never forget how other people are thinking about your idea or product. Because at the end, they all will have to pay for the use. So it’s better to learn from your mistakes.

Tackle problems as soon, and as fast as possible.

Constantly check for issues, and search how to tackle them. The sooner you find them, the faster you can look for a solution.
Try to find a good solution, so you can solve everything as good as possible. Afterwards you can look for a better one, and try to tackle future problems by improving your working method and your product or service.

Always listen to good feedback.

Listen to experienced and powerful people. What they tell can be very useful for your future.
It can be some small details. However, they can make a huge difference in the end.

Keep the long view.

To often people want results in minute. Entrepreneurs look at the result in a couple of months. But, maybe with some small improvements over time, the result will be huge in some years.
People are overestimating what they can do in the short term, and underestimate the possible results in the long term.

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Never forget why you started.

Stay positive, and understand why you’re making sacrifices for your business. To do that, you can go back to the moment you started. Why did you start?
Keep that in mind on moments it’s going well. But, even more important, don’t forget it when it’s going not so well. Learn from your mistakes and don’t forget the reason you started.


I hope so. Because I put my heart into it, with every blogpost. I want to make sure that you get great tips and strategies for your business and personal growth; while you have a life that you love.

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