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Why should you build a MLM business?

mlm business

7 Good reasons to join a MLM business.

Maybe you think to get involved in a network marketing business. I’ll give some good reasons to do so.
What company you choose to partner with is your decision. I only can suggest to think wisely. You can change companies, but doing that to often will lower your credibility.

I’m not going to talk about companies, I’ll give you some reasons to start anyway.

Network marketing is the future

It is a method to market goods or services. It’s not new, but it gets more common the last decades.
Even many “classic” companies change to a similar method where  they ask for references, and where you get a reward for giving them.
However network marketing is different, because of the business opportunity, the basics are the same.
If larger companies start to understand the value of  it, I’m convinced that MLM is the future.

Your chances with a MLM business are realistic

Those who are ready to work consistently, can succeed in this business model. You don’t need a high degree, you need enthusiasm.
Immediately the most difficult is to stay motivated. Even when not everything goes completely right.
With the help of your coaches and the company, you will always find a solution.

Get the training you need to become successful

Trainings are a very important part of your growth, financially and personally.
For me it was hard to get. But after all even I understood that training is a huge part of building this business.
So, if you make a plan, calculate some costs and time for continuous training.

The costs for a MLM business are lower

MLM businessI’ve done both, building a traditional and a network marketing business. Believe me, the first is much more expensive.
In MLM, the company itself does most of the investment. Or, what do think it costs to legalise products internationally?
I’m not talking about administration, legal support, … yet.
The only investment you have to do is buying a starters kit and a yearly fee.

A network marketing business is easier to promote

Promoting your products in a classic business is a huge part part of the budget. Often without result.
As a partner to a larger company, you don’t have to bother that much about branding. That’s already done.
You have to promote your local business with your enthusiasm and by word of mouth publicity, at a very low cost.

Taxes are more interesting with a home based MLM business

Many costs are deductible in most countries, when you do a home based business. It means a large tax saving.
In MLM you don’t work with employees. So you don’t have to pay for their salary an more.

A network marketing business is simpler to run

Most of the paperwork will be done by the company. You only have to keep your financial records for tax calculation and proof.
This frees of a lot of time. Time you can spend in your core business, selling your product and training your team.

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