Think about creating a mobile office


How can you set up your own mobile office?

mobile officeBefore you start a mobile office, first think of what you want and need. Are you most of the time doing presentations, you can use a laptop. Are you often working on your computer, consider using a laptop.
For sure you can use a smartPhone, to stay connected, to do small jobs and of course stay connected.

To stay connected you need a network. Depending on how fast and how much you need to work, make a choice between the slower 3G or the faster 4G. If you work often in regions without direct access MiFi can be an option.

And after all you need a virtual file. Storage can can be done in the cloud (e.g. DropBox) and even many programs can run in the cloud (e.g. Office 365). Advantage is that you can work on different computers wherever you’ve access.

Some of you will need perhaps some extra’s. For doing or getting payments you’ll need a payment processor. If you have to remember ideas, a voice recorder can be useful. To find your road, be sure you’ve a mobile GPS. And what if you do some conference calls? Perhaps Skype can be an option.

What are your advantages with a mobile office?

It’s cost saving, because you don’t need to rent extra office space. You’re able to work wherever you are. So it increases your productivity. As you’re more on the road, it’s easier to network and promote your business. When you’ve everything in one place, it’s more relax.
And maybe the best advantage, you can work wherever you want, even on the beach.

Be reachable is very important for your mobile office. Staying organized and productive while on the go. Having a mobile office gives you freedom.

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