Money ideas – What money really is.


It’s not money you hold, it’s paper with ink! – Money ideas.

money ideas
Money ideas
What you earn has nothing to do with the paper you carry in your pocket. It ‘s all about a state of mind. What do you think when someone talks about ‘wealth’?
To accumulate wealth, or let’s say money, you probably have to change your thoughts. I understand, it may sound strange.

Start to be comfortable with the idea of money, wealth and prosperity. If you only can think about, and have fear for, poverty, you offer yourself limitations. You have to get lost of these, before you can even be comfortable with the idea of wealth.

It might be that the rich lose a lot. But, maybe you’ve seen, as long as they are conscious for prosperity, they’ll have everything back in a short time. That’s why Mike Todd’s quote is so correct. “I’ve never been poor, only broke. Being pore is a frame of mind. Being broke is only a temporary situation.”
There are many examples of wealthy people, who lose a lot, because of misjudgements and bad investments. But you’ll see that they, almost every time, get back to where they were. Of course with a positive state of mind and hard work.

What can you do, to have  more money, to improve financially? Begin with a powerful and emotional affirmation about prosperity and money ideas. Repeat it daily, so you prepare mentally. Write things down, visualize and believe it. After a while you will experience a mental difference.
Be very specific about what you want. What do you want to earn? Believe it, feel it.

There’s a warning about this. Not only thinking and believing, will bring you the money and prosperity. At a certain moment, it needs action. However, with the believe it will become much easier.

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