21 tips for more success


More success depends for a large part on your own acts.

more success
more successNever try to compare your life and results with others. First look what you can do to become more successful.
Life is no competition. Everyone does his part. Learn from others to become a better better person.

These tips, towards more success, can help you to find the right direction:

  1. Choose your friends wisely, and mary the right person. This decision will be 90% of your luck and trouble.
  2. Work on things that are worth your time and talent. Things you do with pleasure will give better results
  3. Give your customers more than they expect, without complaining.
  4. Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know
  5. Forgive yourself and others. Nobody can be perfect.
  6. Give with pleasure. It’s not only counted in money, but also in time and attention.
  7. Be grateful for every small thing you have, and for every thing that happens.
  8. Be consistent, do the things over and over again. Results doesn’t come immediately, but it will come.
  9. Save some money, even when you don’t earn a lot. Keep about 10% of your earnings apart.
  10. Act to  everybody as you want them to act to you.
  11. Get better day after day, little by little. Be grateful for everything your learn, even the smallest thing.
  12. Adhere to quality. It costs you more to have it, it costs you less to keep it.
  13. Drink a glass of water, the first thing in the morning.
  14. Your luck doesn’t depend on materialism, power or prestige. It depends on relations and people you admire and love.
  15. Stay loyal to the people you live and work with.
  16. Be honest to yourself and to others.
  17. Eat a light salad at dinner. You will keep you more alert in the afternoon.
  18. Don’t wait for others, take initiative.
  19. Go for your own choices, even if you can be wrong.
  20. Tell others why you’re happy with them.
  21. don’t blame others. Take your responsibility for every part of your life.

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