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Networking like a pro, or how to meet many interesting people while you’re building a profitable business?

networking like a pro

networking like a proBe selective on the people you want to meet.

Only like-minded people are worth your expensive time. Look for the ones that have the same goals and work ethic.
That give you the possibility to be known as a connector, who give referrals and the best introductions.
Start with your current network and ask for recommendations. Go to local networking and online events to get used to connect to the right people. Select the people you want to connect personally to, and start to sharpen these connections.

Schedule your networking time into your agenda.

Networking like a pro doesn’t only happen during events. You can mention a person from your network in social media. There are many opportunities to call the person, even if it’s just to let them know that you’re thinking about them. You can answer questions on online groups, like LinkedIn or Twitter. And, if you think about it, there are many more opportunities to talk.

A great opportunity to meet is during a meal. Oh yes, even a breakfast can be the moment. Many entrepreneurs have a shortage of time, so 6.30 am can be the right time for that appointment.
And what to think about an online hangout, if there’s no possibility to meet in person. Hangouts can be done all over the world, so that’s a wonderful tool to expand your network internationally.

People love to receive, certainly if it’s for free.

Why not giving answers on their questions. You can be the one who gives that one brilliant idea.  Maybe you know that person who’s the other looking for.
If you’re looking for people to network with, you do research on their company or organisation. With some free, new ideas, it might be possible to connect. And who knows, what comes out that new relationship.

Go on the net, and look for interesting people. Give them some free advice or ideas. Show them your expertise that way, and try to start a network. It will grow, and business will become easier. However, don’t expect it to come overnight. Networking asks for some patience. But, networking like a pro is fun.

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