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Is it valuable to bring your network marketing business online?
online business

Have you heard someone tell you that you cannot build a profitable network marketing company online? online business

Well, there are plenty of examples that it is possible. And since I changed my business, I have daily new international contacts, and team members. So, I tell you that it is possible to build your business online. If you do well.

There is a lot of hype in our market and I understand where these misconceptions and myths come from. But it is better to learn from someone who has had success instead of someone who does not, and says that it is not possible.

And what do we hear then? online business

Online marketing costs a lot of money.

That is not at all the case. You can even work with all social media for free.

It is true, if you want to do everything for free, you need more time. It just goes faster if you can invest something. But that does not really have to be much. My initial budget was 1 € per day. So?

It takes a lot of time.

You can start perfectly with 60 minutes per day. Is that much? I do not think so. Certainly not if you compare it with what a classic business requires. That is why it is also perfectly possible to start next to your existing job.

And besides, if you want to start your network marketing business offline, you also must invest time.

You must first get respect.

I also started without any knowledge, and no respect at all in this area. I have even learned that you build up more experience with action than just by reading. The appreciation will come, if you keep doing things, if you just stay open to learn.

Follow people who are successful. And then look at their first blog post, posts on social media or YouTube videos. You can see incredible progress. They have all been improved by doing things.

It is too technical online business

I think the most important thing is that you want to do it. Once you know how to place something on your favorite social media channel, you can start. You learn all the further things along the way. Blogs, articles, videos and Google helps you with that.

If you learn something you will apply it. You look at the result, and if it is good you keep doing that. If you do not like the result, look further.

There is a way for everything. It is important that you find a working method that you like, and that takes your business forward. Only then you will get the fun and result you expect.

But I want to say, completely online does not exist. Someday you will have to bring your leads offline. And then the phone becomes your best employee.

Would you like an online method?

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