online network marketing


Take your business online.
Online network marketing gives you an almost unlimited pool of prospects.

online network marketing

The basis of network marketing is building networks of people who buy and sell products.
What is a better place to build a network of people than on the ultimate global network? The World Wide Web. More than 1 billion people are online worldwide.
It is therefore no wonder that the internet is the right place to build a network marketing company. Online Network Marketing



This week I have compiled a free resource for you with the name ‘Recruit Online for Network Marketing’; to make the things you have to do easier to understand. It helps you get the results you want faster. You can use it, regardless of which company, product or service you promote.

But now, let me explain how to take your business online

There are many advantages for building your business online – you can work where there is WiFi, you only talk to people who are very interested, your company works 24/7 for you, your maintenance costs are low and it is easy to get international to expand. The most important thing is that everyone can do it. You do not have to be a computer genius to get success.

Your first step is to create online presence. Before you start a site, you need a domain name. Securing your personal site is always a good idea. You can choose a domain name that relates to the name of your network marketing group or team, or one with your own name or maybe you want a domain that intrigues something. Come up with a lot of ideas and then check your choices on a registration site until you find one that is available.

Once you have a domain, you must purchase hosting services and then start building your site. If you do not know how to design a site, you can hire a designer or use a site builder that offers pre-created templates via your host.

Whichever method you choose, your site must include:

  • Information about your company, product and opportunity.
  • A method to register.
  • Information about training and your support.
  • A list with the benefits of your products or service, and participation in your company and team.
  • The offer of a free ebook, document or newsletter as users give you their name and email.
  • An autoresponder that sends follow-up emails to everyone who provides their contact information. I use GetResponse for this.

Once you have installed your site, you should start promoting it. I recommend using two to five different marketing methods and continuing for at least a few months before re-evaluating them.

Marketing tactics that you may want to try include:

  • Free ads
  • Pay per click ads
  • Paid banner ads
  • Write articles on other sites that contain links to your website
  • Start a blog
  • Participate in forums and newsgroups
  • Start an email newsletter

All of these methods help to create exposure and attract prospects, but my favorite marketing method is Attraction Marketing. Whenever you can establish yourself as an expert, you will attract people who are interested in the subject you know so much about. Make sure you place articles or e-books on your site that you set as an authority.

As you attract prospects, you need a database to keep track of them. Outlook has a great contact manager, but a system like GetResponse gives more possibilities.

Once a prospect is in your database, you send a personal email. So you can see if they have experienced the information on your site as valuable; and to determine their interest in your company. Use e-mails to create a rapport with the prospect and lead them to a telephone conversation. If you have an effective web presentation and follow-up system; and a potential customer agrees to talk to you over the telephone; chances are that that person will join your company or buy your product or service.

The keys to online network marketing are a solid presence, consistency and perseverance. So just start with it and build up your system and keep working until it delivers the results you are looking for.


We all know that social media is HOT! Bring your existing efforts in the field of social media marketing to a higher level …

If you do not yet have a Facebook fan or company page, and you look at all these rock stars with fan pages, and you want to own one … UNLIMITED FAN PAGE PROFITSis a training that Tanya Aliza has put together. You will be guided through the steps to build a profitable Facebook page; a marketing funnel for social media and a marketing plan to generate leads. You learn to build a large audience and make daily sales on autopilot.


ULTIMATE BRANDING BLUEPRINT is the course when it comes to building an influential brand online that attracts leads and sales for your company.



I hope so. Because I put my heart into it every week. I want to make sure that you get great tips and strategies for your business; while you have a life that you love.

Every other Saturday I post a new article and free source on my blog.

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online network marketing

online network marketing

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