prospecting plan


7 questions you must answer for a good prospecting plan

prospecting plan

How do you develop a good plan to prospect?

Prospecting can refer to people who are looking for precious gems. It refers to entrepreneurs who are looking for their own form of gold; customers and team members.

Many people are afraid of the sales process, but by prospecting, you can make sure you talk to people who are ready, willing and able to buy from you or work with you.



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Here are some tips for searching for nice gems.

How to draw up a prospection plan:

Who is your ideal customer? prospecting plan

The answer cannot be “everyone”. Instead, describe the person who wants or needs most what you offer.
For example, if you sell commercial cleaning services, your ideal customer is likely to be an office manager. If you were selling baby products, you might be looking for women aged 20-45 years old.

Who of your ideal customer base decides? prospecting plan

A problem with selling is finding the person who makes the decisions and manages the money. You do not want to waste your time on someone who does not have the authority to buy. For example, if you are targeting businesses, do not expect the receptionist to make purchase decisions (he will be rather a guardian, his job is to keep telemarketers and sales people out of the office).

Finding the right person may require some research, and possibly a few phone calls. When you contact the person, you think, who makes the decisions, contact them by name. Ask the name on the telephone and correspond personally. Requests such as “is the person responsible for the purchase there?” or address letters with, “for whom it is important”, is an indication of junk mail.

How do you want to contact your potential customers? prospecting plan

Most people prefer a radical approach, for example via e-mail. But often more is done to attract attention. It is too easy to send an e-mail and delete it. However, a combination of tactics can work well. For example, you can send something by mail and then make a phone call to make an appointment for a personal meeting.

What do you say to your prospect? prospecting plan

Scripts can be a big help, or they can bother you. The sales process goes much better if you have a conversation with your prospect. Find out the needs, and tailor your presentation to them. Scripts and presentations can remain too basic and bore your prospect.

  • In-Person: Writing out a conversation is never a bad idea – but avoid that you sound like your agenda. Practice what you want to communicate. So, it sounds natural. Think of the simple adage ‘telling is not selling’. Make sure you have questions for your potential customers. The other party must be engaged throughout the process.
  • Direct Mail: Less is more when you first send something to a potential customer. Be short and concise in your sales proposal and reading material. Consider working with a marketing agency or professional copywriter.
  • E-mailing: just like direct mailing, you must stay concise. Make sure you do a little research on which words or phrases in a subject line can activate your message as spam. There are many great professionals that can help you with this process.
  • Cold-Calling: I recommend a naturally fluent script, including answers to possible negative answers. Once you feel comfortable with it, throw it away. Then carry out your conversations in a natural way, using the script layout.


What is your call-to-action? prospecting plan

For each approach, ensure that you have a well-defined call-to-action. You want to indicate as easily as possible what you want the potential customer to do at the end of your interaction. Do you want them to make an appointment? Is your goal to make them sign up for a webinar? Do you want to offer them a free consultation? Do you want them to go to your website?

Make this very clear. And where possible give them the opportunity to respond to your request.

What are the results you want? prospecting plan

Set reasonable and realistic goals for each prospection method. What results do you expect? Keep in mind that answers are often higher for B2B than for B2C.

  • E-mailing: think about an open rate of 19.47%; a clickthrough rate of 6.64%; a conversion rate of 1.73%.
  • Direct mail: a response of 1.38% is reasonably realistic.
  • Cold-Calling: a response rate of 6.16%, but it does have the highest cost per lead if you have it done via a telemarketing agency
  • In-Person: every sector is different here and this makes it difficult to give a concrete figure.


How do you track results? prospecting plan

Determining the ROI (Return on Investment) for each campaign is important. To get this, you can consider keeping your prospect information, and respective answers, in a cheap CRM tool. It helps you keep track of your results in an organized way.

Your customers and the database with potential customers must be the greatest asset of your company. Finding, qualifying and eventually converting someone to a paying customer is the lifeblood of every company. It all starts with prospecting.


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