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Speaking in public is the most common fear, that’s why some public speaking tips can be useful.

public speaking tips

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However, speaking in public, and the skill to do a good presentation, are very important to climb the corporate ladder and become successful. I’ve 5 public speaking tips to learn to appreciate the fear.

  • Face the fear of public speaking – deal with it, and have faith that you’ll get over it. For sure you’re not the only with fear if you need to speak in public.
  • Know your material – you need to know what you’re talking about. Don’t just try to memorize, but learn it, so you can tell it backwards and forwards.
  • It’s not all about you – only 50% of your audience will be interested in the content, even if everybody is looking at you. The other half is thinking about all small issues they have. Even 25% will be a scared as you – so you’re in good companion
  • Interact with your audience – it will relieve your feelings. Ask questions, tell stories and your audience will remember you as a more dynamic speaker
  • What’s the worst thing that can happen – if you’re nervous as never before, believe me, once you’re speaking, it mostly will disappear. And after all, failing is part of business, and this is not different. As long as you learn from it, it’s called progress.

These public speaking tips will help you, for sure. Go for it, practice and enjoy.


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Bert December 4, 2017 Personal Development