recommended daily allowances


Understand the difference between recommended daily allowances (RDA) and daily value (DV).

recommended daily allowances

Recommended daily allowances (RDA) vs. daily value (DV). What’s the difference and why is it important? In this Herbalife video registered dietitian, Susan Bowerman explains the difference between recommended daily allowances (RDA) and daily value (DV).

If you were to pick up a food package and check the nutrition facts panel you’d see a column next to the list of nutrients that says percent DV or daily value. Daily values are the percent of a nutrient provided by a serving of that food. They are established to meet the needs of all healthy adults based on a 2,000 or 2,500-calorie diet.

Daily recommended allowances (RDA) are much more specific than daily values. There are RDA’s for men, women, and even further values depending on age group. Understanding the difference between recommended daily allowance (RDA) and daily value (DV) could be a great tool for knowing how to fuel your body.

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