Replace fear with confidence


3 fears you’ve to replace in confidence, to succeed easier in business.
Replace fear with confidence.

replace fear with confidence

Loss of customers to competitors.

Our customers can run to the competitor because of many reasons. If they don’t feel good with you or your service, they’ll leave you for someone who can be better. Maybe the price is important for your customer.
However, I’ve learned that many come back. Just because they understood you’re not so bad. And for the few you don’t see anymore, I just can be happy. They found what they’re looking for.
Don’t concentrate on the leavers anymore.
Just want to give the best to any customer who wants to stay.
Listen to what’s important to them, and try to give them a reason not to leave.
Respond on every comment, and use it as an opportunity to build trust.

Doing business has many risks.

I used to have sleepless nights, just because I was thinking something could happen. And guess what, most things didn’t happen, I even didn’t need to solve them. Now I bother less, just because I learned to face that not everything is inside our control. That’s why I started to minimize the chances things happens. And if  there’s still a risk, I discussed it with  experts, so as my insurance agent.

Giving responsibility to team-members can go wrong.

I was so feared that my team members could do things terribly wrong. The result was that nobody dared to do something, and that most tasks were done by myself. It resulted in a business without growth.
Until someone came to me, to say she wanted to do it her way. As a result, her department started to grow, and I was released of a large part of my responsibilities. That gave me the opportunity to expand, to start with other members.
Oh yes – and she teached me a lot, by implementing new methods.

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replace fear with confidence

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