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Share your experience to built a business

Before you start building a business, start building an experience, with the products or service you want to sell. By sharing your experience, telling what these products have done for you, you can start building an effective business on a easy way. – Share your experience

Most people think they should share their experience with family and friends, because they trust you. Maybe it’s a good start, to learn to tell about your experience. However, it’s not sure they’ll buy from you.
Your experience can attract people who want the same results, no matter if it are friends or not.

Build a marketing campaign for every product niche you have. Start different blogs, by sharing your experiences in the beginning, and sharing those of your customers afterwards. Important is that you don’t use these blogs to sell products. It won’t be appreciated by the visitors. Give them valuable content, to make them look for more information.
Keep the needs of your potential customers in mind. They’ll visit your blog several times, and start asking questions out of interest.
This is the most stable way to build a business.

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