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Social Media Marketing
In this episode I share my best social media marketing tips. They show you how you can use social media in the right way as a platform to get more exposure, leads and sales for your company, product or service.

Do you get the desired results with your marketing strategy for social media?
Let me guess.

You have a good thing, product or service that you know your fans absolutely want and love.

Your post day and night; anxious in anticipation of all those likes, comments and shares; that you know you will surely get.

And you wait … and wait … and wait.

But all you get is … nothing … nada (No likes, no reactions, no connection).

Do not get discouraged. Many people do not know how to use social media correctly.

I show you how to use social media in the right way. As a platform for more awareness, leads and sales for your company, product or service.

With each article I would like to give you a free resource that you can download and implement in your company to see immediate results.

This week I have compiled a free resource for you with the name ‘My 5 Facebook Post Ideas’ template, with tips on how to post on social media. They help you get more sales, reactions and leads. You can use these templates, regardless of which company, product or service you promote.

There are two ways to use social media to promote your product, service or business. A wrong way and the right way.

Knowing the difference between the two will make or break your marketing efforts on social media.

I have built an online business using social media. And believe me, I’ve learned a few things about how to do it the right way.

Do you want to know how I do it? I’m going to tell you.

Here are 3 tips that show how you can get more involvement and notoriety with the messages you place on social media.

FACTS TELL, STORIES SELL Social Media Marketing

In the world of social media, storytelling is becoming widespread as a way to create interest and curiosity in almost every audience.

Most people do not understand facts and figures, and therefore prefer a story.

This is why:

  • People do not want to be sold via social media.
  • Your sales message becomes easier through stories because they create curiosity.
  • Emotions are better activated through stories.
  • Avoid confusion with stories.
  • Stories show things in simple terms that people already know and with which they can easily identify themselves.

Everyone can recite a number of facts, statistics or figures. This will not start a conversation. And no one will attract attention.

Do you want them to be interested in what you say?

Share a story or experience that people can identify with and then end with a question to know how they can reach the end goal, or how they achieve what you are promoting.

Because, who cares about the panacea XYZ in your product? No one.

Share a story about how panacea XYZ has helped you to lose 20 kilos. Now you get their attention!

Use and share stories as a way to create curiosity and commitment to your social media messages.


Just when you think you understand Facebook, they change everything again!

Social media platforms are constantly changing and it is our job as an entrepreneur to keep abreast of these changes.

And now, here is what you need to know when you post messages on Facebook.

When you place a link in a Facebook message, Facebook’s algorithm will detect and think it’s a promotion and it will not give your post a large reach.

Facebook (and other social media platforms) only wants to show users the content that is most engaging and drop everything else.

So basically this means that very few people, with whom you are connected, will see your message.

What can we do?

Instead of adding a link, you create a call-to-action and encourage people to contact you, via Messenger, for more information about what you share on Facebook.

Increasing the curiosity of your audience to know more about your company, product or service is key when it comes to selling or promoting via social media.


Photos are the primary type of content that is posted and shared on social media.

Placing photos is a great way to get more attention from your fans, because images are easier to consume than text.

I believe that photographs are the “holy grail” of social media involvement.

However, not all photos are the same.

Keep sharing photos that reflect the end purpose of your business, service or product.

Lifestyle photos are important and you have to use them. Testimonials are great for generating involvement and curiosity. Before and after photos are also great, especially if you are in the weight loss and fitness industry.

If you work in network marketing, no matter what company or service or product you sell, some better lifestyle is what we really sell.

Photos are worth a thousand words and when it comes to generating involvement, you want to use all the opportunities to get your message across.

FOCUS ON SERVICE Social Media Marketing

People are wise nowadays and would like to make contact with real people who care about who they are and what they are looking for.

Do not participate in sharing spam.

Always be guided by value and what you can do to help OTHERS.

Make your audience your top priority.

Show that you care, and are genuinely interested in offering a solution to their problems. And if you want some good examples of how you can create curiosity with your social media posts, make sure you download the free source I created for you called “The 5 Facebook Post Ideas template”.

You can download it by requesting it below.

SportFoods HelpMESSENGER

Some great sources that will help you even more

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Did you get some value?

I hope so. Because I put my heart into it every week. I want to make sure that you get great tips and strategies for your business; while you have a life that you love.

Every Saturday I post a new article and free source on my blog.

Stand out and stay connected … leave a comment below.

You are great!

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