start my own business


Am I ready to start my own business?

At a certain moment you ask yourself “Can I start my own business?”

start my own business
Yesterday I  gave 10 signs you might be ready. Today I give you more signs.

You want to make your own name.

The greatest entrepreneurs and business owners wanted something more from life. If you feel that way, big things could come out of it.

You want to be your own boss.

It can be that you’re a control freak or just someone that don’t like being ordered around.

The hiring of independent workers is on the rise.

Harvard University reports, the number of independent workers is on the rise. The number of independent workers to become 40 percent of the workforce by 2020.

Your field lacks jobs.

The economy hasn’t totally rebounded. Instead of waiting around you are considering setting up your own business.

You’re ready to take risks.

Take advantage of this, and take the chance to be a little adventurous.

You can’t stand the daily commute.

If you sit in traffic every day, maybe you should set up your own business at home. After all, successful businesses have even launched from garages.

You possess work ethic.

If you don’t mind putting in 12-hour days multiple times a week, then why not use that time in something you’re really enthusiast about?

You crave uncertainty.

You thrive when exploring the unknown. So starting a business may be a good idea. It’s better than being bored, by performing that job you’re tired of.

You see potential.

You always feel the need to make improvements. As a business owner, you could realize enormous potential. Making money or enhancing the lives of others.

More projects are going to contractors.

If you’re seeing your employer is hiring outside help, then do something about it.

start my own businessYou’re not afraid of failure.

You’re probably going to encounter a failure at some moment. If that doesn’t scare you, it can be another sign.

You can build your own job security.

It’s possible that the company you’re working for has not the expected results, or it might be sold. Why not create your own job security instead?

There’s a gap to fill.

If there’s not only a market, but also that no one else is working on your idea, you can work it out.

A pool of talent surrounds you.

If you’re surrounded by really skilled people, you might be able to ask to join your startup by offering profit sharing, a fun environment or other advantages.

If not now, when?

Instead of dragging your feet, you could get the ball in motion for that business idea of yours right now.

You understand the tax incentives.

If you don’t want to lose out, then start getting to work. You may even be able to write off that new laptop or smartphone you’ve been eyeing.

You’ll see results.

When you’re working for someone else, it can be difficult to see the benefits to the company. If you want to see the results of your actions, then running your own business is an opportunity.

You relate well to people.

Sometimes you just want to network with other people. If you’re a people person, then having your own business gives you a reason to network more.

You’re tired of being passed over.

If you keep being passed over for promotions or feel like you’ve hit a wall, maybe it’s time to promote yourself. Starting your own business will give you an immense sense of accomplishment.

You’re a born leader.

You’re able to communicate your great idea and convince others to jump on board. If you have this leadership skill, consider starting your own venture.

You’re looking for thrills.

You are the adventurous type. Nothing is more thrilling than coming up with a business idea and seeing it through, amid all the unknowns and highs and lows.

You have the professional skills.

If you’re one of those people with professional skills, then you might put those talents to work at something you’re truly excited about.

You can tap into many different tools and advices.

There are numerous online resources to help business owners starting out, and you’re aware of it.

You want to break free. start my own business

That inner entrepreneur has been quietly nagging at you. Why not unleash it? And be surprised by how much happier you are.

You want to do something you enjoy.

Instead of merely thinking about doing something that makes you happy and content, take a leap of faith and pursue your own startup vision.

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