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10 steps to start with social media marketing

start with Social Media Marketing
If you want to be known on social media, you must of course take action. People then have to talk about you so that your social presence can start to grow.
Social Media marketing is not only about presence to share your opportunity, but also to spread and protect your image.

That is why it is good to start with a plan. If you then feel that it is not quite what you want, you can always adjust it when you are busy. Just like you would when you are networking. You only speak on social media via your keyboard, with a much larger audience.

I give you 10 steps to start with social media marketing, but first …


This week I have compiled a free resource for you with the name ‘Social Media Marketing Plan’; to pour the things you have to do in a plan. They help you get the results you want faster. You can use it, regardless of which company, product or service you promote.

10 steps to start with social media marketing

Determine your goals

Why are you doing this? Do you want to sell? Is expanding  your team your main goal? Do you want to provide service to your customers through this route?
What you will answer to this will largely determine your content. Your activity on social media will depend on this.

Evaluate your sources

Who will write your texts? Who will answer questions and respond to comments? Do you have the technical knowledge to do everything yourself? Do you want to learn continuously to make everything go well?
You must ensure that the right people, with the good knowledge, are present. Only then can you start implementing your plan.

Know who your audience is

Where is your audience online? To what will they mostly respond to? What information are they waiting for? What exactly don’t they want?
You don’t just publish on social media. You will have to figure out what your readers want. What information they are looking for.
In addition, you will also have to be personal. That way you will get interaction and result.

Write great content

Once you know where your audience is, and what information they want, you can start publishing.
And do not give up. You must always continue to provide great content, also into conversations.
Then your audience will start to gain confidence and use you as a source for the solutions they are looking for.

Integrate all your marketing efforts

Make sure that all your marketing efforts work together. Promote other channels from you. This can be done online or offline, both on social media and through classical marketing.
If you do that, your results will noticeably improve.

Make a schedule

Make sure that fixed daily times are spent on social media. For example, spend 30 minutes on FaceBook and 10 minutes on Twitter before doing anything else.
Stick to your daily plan. Do not skip it either.

Use the 80-20 rule

Only 20 percent on social media is promotion for yourself.
The remaining 80 percent is general information for the target group that wants to reach.

Focus on quality, not quantity

Make sure you do not become a slave of the numbers. It is not about how many followers and subscribers you have.
It is mainly about how your followers are dedicated. How much they respond and answer.
What is a followers who never reacts, once they liked you?

Try to let go the control

Actually, your audience should keep the online conversation going. This way they create an emotional attachment for you, your brand and your business.
Remember, on the social network, invisibility is a bigger problem than negativity.

Make sure you keep learning start with Social Media Marketing

You never can stop learning and studying.
Social media is constantly changing. You will have to accept that, and be prepared to keep learning.


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I hope so. Because I put my heart into it every week. I want to make sure that you get great tips and strategies for your business; while you have a life that you love.

Every other Saturday I post a new article and free source on my blog.

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