Work from home challenges – how can you tackle them?


It sounds nice for a lot, but believe me, there are work from home challenges.

work from home challenges
When you were used to word from an external office, and start to work from home, you’ll find some troubles with the changes. It doesn’t matter if you’re working for a boss, building a home based business or are freelancing.
You’ll need to plan and do some things to have a successful result.

Always use a to-do list.

Maybe you’ve done that before, but you’ll need it for sure when working from home. I recommend that your job isn’t finished as long as you didn’t make the list for the day after.
If not, you’ll go to your working place, and are lost. You’ll start doing things, before you plan, and that might be a waste of time.

A routine can help. Go to “work” at certain time every day. Take a pause, and stop daily at the same time. Oh yes, you can be flexible, but a routine can get you at work and keeps you away from work from home challenges.

Take care of distractions.

work from home challengesAnd there are a lot of them. You’re mother might be calling, because she knows you’re at home. The children want to play. Isn’t there something interesting on television? And maybe the most dangerous, the internet.
It’s your working time. So use it as such. Don’t take the phone if it’s not for your business (if it’s important, they’ll message you or tell it on the voicemail). Plan some breaks, so you can do the other things. 

Make yourself a working place.

A separate room is the best, if you have one. If not, furnish a corner as if it’s an office. It will feel as if you’re going to work (in your own house).

I can tell you, working from home is more flexible, and gives me more freedom. But I learned with these work from home challenges, that i have to manage my time even more than when I was working in an external office.
Now that I planned my work, I’m even more productive and efficient than before.

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work from home challenges –

Bert Phlippo

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